Hey Bestie, you are my Best Friend : Best Feeling of Friendship

Happy Friendship Day a very joyous and memorable day celebrated with vigor when we all were kids. But with advancing age and increasing distances the memories of celebrating friendship day is getting fade. The friendship day though started as a fad has now become an important and auspicious occasion. The friendship is celebrated on the 1st Sunday in the month of August to celebrate the relation of friends.

Friends are the chosen family

Friends are the family that we chose and not born with. Yes, absolutely a truth we chose friends based on our thoughts, opinions, liking and even hatred for some of the same people. That is what is unique about friendship. Friendship doesn’t come with terms and conditions. And if there are any such terms and conditions, then it is not a friendship to sustain my friends. So if you share the same craziness and madness with your friend, then you have a lifetime of relation to hold on to.

Friends forever happens when individuals of same intellect and persona gets bounded to each other in the unseen bond of friends. Best friends forever is an unimaginable feeling that individuals who share the nature of the friends bond hold can only understand. Friendship cannot be present only between two friends but instead friends forever kind of feeling can be created between a mother and her daughter, between two lovers or between a father and a son. Indeed this is the true nature of friendship that does not demand anything in return instead only wants to best for the other individual.

Unique Friendship day Celebration Ideas

Now is your turn to make your best friend forever feel special on this joyous day of happy friendship day by:

  • Arranging a special bouquet of all things favorite of your friend and even yourself because once your friend receives the gift, you my friend, also have the opportunity to share as sharing is caring.
  • Plan an outing keeping in mind your friends interest such as a stand up comedian show or a day to kick some football or just a simple romantic movie to make you both value each others worth in your life.

  • Collate all your missing friendship memories in to a collage file and relish those beautiful yet unforgettable memories.
  • Cook up a meal creating all the dishes that you and your missing best friend always crave for.
  • Plan an outing to some of the adventurous hot spots or to a relaxing luxurious hotels keeping in mind the interests of both of you and bring back those fun days that are somewhere lost in the hustle bustle of your job.

Missing my best friend is what you might feel this friendships day so what are you waiting for just grab your stuff and directly land at your friends place and both of you remember the good old days of fun and frolic when there was no worry about timeliness or projects and each others expressions made you to understand each others thoughts.

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