Here is what you should do for your Teenage Diet Plan

Here is what you should do for your Teenage Diet Plan - BlogBucket

The Basics for your Teen

The caloric requirements for teens between the ages of 14 and 16 vary between 1600 and 3200 calories per day depending on sex and activity. Your pediatrician can help you determine the needs of your teenager. A teenage diet plan is very needed on the age. Based on this calorie content of young people in this age group 5 must grain 10 ounces, at least half of them whole grains, 2 to 4 cups of vegetables, 1 1/2 to 2 1 2 cups of fruit, 3 cups of dairy products and 5 to 7 ounces of protein per day.

Why is a healthy diet for Teenagers necessary?

Most young people are aware of their weight gain and appearance. But sometimes it has been seen that teenager don’t follow the teenage diet plan so that they fall in weakness. Her teenage daughter could reduce her caloric intake to maintain her weight and figure. However, an ideal weight is the result of the right amount of vitamins, calories, minerals, and nutrients, not too much or much less. But you can be failed to explain this to your teenager.

It is important that you first understand the essential elements of your teen’s diet plan and its importance. This will help you explain things better.

Why is a healthy diet for Teenagers necessary - BlogBucket
Why is a healthy diet for Teenagers necessary – BlogBucket

Before you talk about eating habits, you will find a table with the corresponding schedules, which can be helpful in choosing a menu for your teen’s diet.

Use the diet chart below for a teenager to get an idea of the daily intake of various nutrients based on your body weight.


It is difficult to control a teen’s diet, especially when eating. Include your teenager in the planning process, write down the plan and buy all the ingredients for the week in advance. Focus your plan on your teen’s heat needs. Caloric intake for teens varies according to age, sex and fitness and whether weight loss is a goal. Keep in mind that kids need at least five servings of vegetables and fruit a day and that’s even better. Because sandwiches are an important part of a teenager’s diet, offer fruits and vegetables as a snack. The creamy baths are a breakthrough for making crudites a welcome snack.

1) Start Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important in the teenage diet plan. Teens that eat breakfast well at school and are generally healthier eat all day, according to the Nemours Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on children’s health. Choose easy and fast breakfast items, so you do not have to eat hard on what’s to eat in the bustling morning. Teens need whole grain products every day, so a toast with peanut butter is a good choice. Add a glass of skim milk and a fruit for calcium and vitamins. Yogurt mixed with cereals and berries is fast, like cottage cheese with pineapple. In the morning, on weekends, try a sandwich with scrambled eggs on a roll of wheat with ranch dressing and bacon for active teens and with a big appetite grows, or mixed scented dressing in scrambled eggs and served with sausages for breakfast.

Strategy for Diet - BlogBucket
Strategy for Diet – BlogBucket

2) Lunch

A good lunch is a peanut butter sandwich and the banana is 2 to 3 tablespoons of peanut butter and a banana in two slices of whole grain bread. Fill this meal with 1 cup of low-fat yogurt and 1 to 2 cups of chopped veggies, such as carrots, celery, and peppers, salad with low-fat vinaigrette. Another healthy alternative is 1 to 2 cups mesclun leaves 1 to 2 ounces diced chicken breast, 1/2 ounce walnuts and raisins 1/2 slice cup with low-fat balsamic vinaigrette. Around this meal with 1 1/2 ounces of low-fat cheddar cheese with five whole grain crackers and a small apple.

3) Dinner

Load at least half of your child’s plate with vegetables and fruits. Watch them with whole grains for a visual appeal and flavor. Fried rice with spinach, peas, and couscous with dried fruit are a good choice. Keep the portions of the protein under control. Teenagers need 5-1 / 2oz. of protein per day, according to network weight control information and a 3 ounce. a serving of meat is about as big as a piece of soap.

Do I have to control the weight of my teenager at home?

In general, it’s a better idea for your teen’s health care provider or nutritionist to control his weight in the clinics. To control the weight too often at home can be frustrating for everyone, especially if the weight does not go up. When you check your weight in the office, the same scale is used and accuracy is guaranteed. Your health team will tell you how often you have to come back to control your weight and if you need to control your weight at home. It is not bad that if your teenager consumes weight gain protein shake according to your doctor advice. I think it will be good.

Healthy fats are good fats - BlogBucket.jpg
Healthy fats are good fats – BlogBucket

Healthy fats are good fats

Your teenager will be so aware of his weight that he will avoid fats.

  • Although mast feeding is not good for your teenager’s health, you should know the concept of healthy fat.
  • The body needs healthy fats to have healthy hair, beautiful skin, and a well-hydrated body. These fats are needed to get some of the calories that the body needs for daily activities.
  • Promote the consumption of healthy fats and ask your child to stay away from Trans fats.
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