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Healthy Travel

Summer is the time for holidays and a lot of travel. Gone are the days when travelling meant carrying everything from home including the day’s worth of packed food and water. Now days everything can be bought in trains, planes and buses. Bottled water, company packed snacks and food etc. But there are still a few things that you need to take care of. With the various swine flu’s and bird flu’s abound, it pays to be cautious.

Reliving To an OLD STORY

If you are thinking of travelling by train, there are a few things that you need to take care of to make sure that you are healthy during travel, your holiday and your return journey. After all you don’t want reach your destination and get ill and spend your holiday getting better instead of enjoying it. You can start by ensuring that you pack the right things with you to maintain your health. While packing, remember to carry a few essential medicines for fever, headache, bad stomach, colds and coughs. Carry all the essential creams such as sun screen, moisturisers, anti -biotic skin creams and insect repellents, moreover extra pair of essential clothing.

Better to Be Safe Rather to Be SORRY

Carry a hand sanitizer which is pocket friendly. On boarding the train it makes sense to clean up the already tidy seats as you can never be sure what has transpired on it.  Tie up your entire luggage securely and safely so that you have enough of room to move around and change your positions during your journey. It makes the journey less tiring.

A stitch in time saves nine

Trains and food are a perfect combination which no one can avoid. Make sure that the food stuff you buy for the journey is packed properly and preferably made by a reputed or well known company. You can also trust the food provided by the railways. BUT WAIT….do you remember that little bottle in your pocket, well before eating use it to sanitize your hands so that you get rid of any infection that might be there.

Eat don’t feast

Sometimes if any part of the journey gets a little boring we tend to compensate by eating, often over eating. The lack of exercise during long train travel combined with over eating may give you a bad tummy but because you are prepared with your medicines you can tackle it. Avoid eating food from places on the platform made in open areas as it can cause stomach infection, even bladder infection, diarrhea, ear problems, and blisters.

Water ODE

Another healthy travel practice is to keep drinking plenty of water; you need it to be hydrated all the time. Sure it might increase your trips to the bathroom but water is the key in flushing out accumulated toxins from the body that might get generated due to improper eating and the stress of travelling.

Get a bit fruity

Eat a lot of fruits. They are full of energy giving fructose, rich in fiber and come in their own contamination free natural packing. Fruits of different kinds are sold on almost every station in India. There is always a choice.

Enjoy the SWEAT it won’t hurt

If possible involve yourself in a little physical activity such as walking down a few compartments while travelling it helps keep the digestion robust and the bowels moving (if you know what I mean). Get plenty of rest when you can as it is a good moment to catch up with all the lost sleep.

Happy Ending

If you follow the suggested tips and you might arrive healthier at the end of your journey than when you started on it. These tips work for everyone as what is good for the goose is good for the gander. You can’t go wrong with this. So say good bye to stressful travelling leading to illness and say hello to healthy travelling.

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