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There is no doubt in the fact that the Internet has revolutionized our lives and that implies to all fields of life. The Internet has shrunken the world into a Global village, where we can easily connect with people and distance doesn’t matter anymore. With the remarkable Internet-based forums such as social networking sites and innovative texting and calling Apps such WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, and the likes have completely revolutionized the calling and texting with your loved ones residing anywhere in the world. These Apps support video calling and conference calling, and that is the biggest benefit and service that these Apps provide.

Ever since the mankind is witnessing the advances in technology, there has always been some sort of drawbacks that accompany every new technological advancement. As it is also human nature to use, misuse, and even abuse a certain amenity, and this has been happening ever since. Hence, even though internet calls are such a revolutionary and mind-blowing facility, they are misused for harassment, threatening and similar complaints keep coming about these nuisance calls. Let’s figure out how we can trace an internet call, but first, you need to be subscribed to one of the quality Internet service providers. Make a thorough research on ‘cable Internet providers in my area’, and scrutinize all the offered features before subscribing to one.

Types of Internet Calls

Let’s get to know about the types of Internet calls first. You must be aware of some of these already. As mentioned earlier all those audio, video, and conference calls through Internet-powered Apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, BBM, IMO, Facebook Messenger, Google Voice, Google Duo, WeChat, Line, Freedompop, and a number of other such Apps fall essentially in the category of Internet calls. In addition to these, VoIP calls are also included in the same category, and they are further divided into different types such as:

  • Internet only or peer to peer.
  • VoIP Out
  • VoIP In
  • Two-way- which allows calling between PSTN and VoIP service.

One thing that should be mentioned here essentially is that all sorts of internet calls are perfectly legal and do not involve any sort of illegal or illegitimate means and modes. They are just like Phone calls that are totally legal and they are not like hacking. If you are wondering about why we are talking about tracing them, let’s make this a little simpler.

The category of calls that we mentioned earlier that involve different Apps, do not need any tracing. Because only those people can call you on those Apps with whom you have shared your number or have added them. So, it’s the VoIP calls that we are talking about. Let’s talk about it in detail.

How to Trace VoIP Calls - BlogBucket
How to Trace VoIP Calls – BlogBucket

How to Trace VoIP Calls

Let’s understand what VoIP calls really are. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol that allows us to make long-distance as well as local calls. If you talk about our part of the country, these calls can be made within the United States and to Canada. And it doesn’t require an additional phone service, it only needs a regular telephone and your computer and you can make and receive calls.

So, the question remains, can VoIP calls be tapped? Or can VoIP calls be traced? Living in this contemporary Digital Age, such questions pertaining to security are significant to ask. Also, we witness media to be full of scandals related to phone-hacking and online crime, so, ensuring that your calls via phone lines are safe and secure, is the need of the hour. It’s okay to wonder whether your VoIP calls are being monitored or transferred.

Although, data attacks can easily interrupt VoIP service, good and high-quality VoIP providers ensure the best security, keeping all your information and data safe.

Receiving an unwanted, obscene, threatening, or harassing call or calls is a scary and an unpleasant experience. You would definitely want to know the caller in order to prevent him or another experience. The IP address that is attached to each VoIP call originates from its geographical location, so if you are getting any upsetting calls, all you need to do is figure out the IP address of these calls. You will get to know what part of the world are you getting them from. You can either utilize certain tools that are available online to find out the IP address or alternatively you can use software programs such as Wireshark or any other packet-sniffer software program would help you find out the IP address of the call. However, you should be having some technical know-how as to how you can operate this software and get the calls traced.

Wireshark and similar programs actually operate by catching the packets that are received and sent during these calls. But going further than this perhaps need the assistance or intervention of security agencies. Also, if the user is using a VPN, his location will be masked and it is not possible to catch the origin of such calls.

You Should Know That

While solicitation, collection, and telemarketing calls are bothersome but remember they do not fall into the category of illegal calls and there is no need to trace them. Until and unless they become threatening, harassing, or obscene.

Apart from all this, no one can deny the ease and convenience that these internet calls have provided us. They are the most affordable and easy method of communicating with our loved ones. So, subscribe to a high-quality Internet service provider such as Optimum Service and avail the benefit of connecting with your friends and family, economically.

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