Got Nougat? 5 smart applications for tweaking Android Quick Settings

Android Quick Settings are the game changers in Android nougat, but you know only half of the story.

For those who are new to the nougat, you can customize the Android Quick Settings by adding your own preferred app to it, which actually opens a vast set of possibilities for a user to experience.

After researching many different apps available today, providing you the cream of them.


1. Todoist

Every once in awhile you need to add notes. There are plenty of note taking apps available today. I myself like to use the Google notes due to its integration with Google services, but other apps definitely have their benefits.

This app is available free with some advanced features for premium subscription. The app lays down a variety of options with the simplest and the layout replicates as that of an Android material app with responsive design to fit any screen size of device.

The team has done a wonderful job by providing such a great user experience with the app. The app has a feature to be added upon the Quick Settings tile that increases the ease of access for the user. With the Todoist available on tile you can add notes in only 2 touch regardless of whatever you were doing. You just need to swipe down click on the Todoist tile and start typing.


2. Weather Quick Settings tile

A subject that is always in talks “Weather”. Android provides various slots to go and check the weather like home Screen or on widgets, but on Quick Settings tile it serves the utmost acceptable place for a user. Install the app, place its tile and voila you now can just glance at anytime with a single swipe.

It is available free with an addition price of $1.99 in app upgrade which enable the ability to change the weather provider.


3. Wakey

As the name suggests this app is useful for those who want to stay the screen on for some reason. Its annoying if you’re working and the screen gets off on timeout. It is very useful for those who want their screen not to time off while work. You can change the default timeout setting in android to do so but it provides you the easy of going into menu and changing the timeout time. A little tile present in Quick Settings has to be just clicked once and the screen will not get off till you again press the Wakey tile.

It also has an advanced setting of Wakey time out for cases if you forget to disable the Wakey after your work so as the screen gets off by itself and not completely drain your battery.

It comes free with an premium app-upgrade for $1.49.


4. Ringer Modes

Another beautiful app which enhances an android user experience in switching between normal, silent and vibrate-only mode. As till date android itself has not done anything to enhance user experience in switching the modes, this app comes handy. The app puts a tile on the Quick Settings which lets you switch between the modes by just a click. If you’re the one who needs frequent switching between mode the app is dedicatedly for you.

The best part of having it is it’s full free.


5. Tiles

If you require and extended Quick Settings which is abundantly loaded with all the necessities that a person requires, tiles is the one stop solution for you. Though it is filled with lots of fascinating options but what makes it distinct from normal to an masterpiece is the simplicity to use it. You can add, remove or customize the Quick Settings with this as easily as having a pie. Its enriched with many features that will let you fall in love with its easiness. Some features that I would like to share with you are setting alarm, launching a specific app, calling someone, opening a section of settings, setting up a reminder, starting a timer or stopwatch and many more, the list goes endless.

The very useful and needed feature of it is the text command, which enable you to write anything on a popped up window over all your previous tasks whatsoever you were doing, once done it lets you share the text with the usual android share menu over all the available apps.

icing on the cake – just $1.99 totally worth it.

Image Courtesy: XDA, PlayStore

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