Google Maps has begun demonstrating a travel time chart for navigation

Google is constantly adding something new to Maps, however not all of us receives the brand new stuff on the identical time. right now, it looks as if Google has brought a nifty travel time graph to directions so that you’ll know how a lot visitors there can be. This appears to be one of the rare instances in which a brand new characteristic was quietly rolled out to all users inside the area of a few weeks.

you may see the new graph at the top of the instructions while you choose a vacation spot in Maps. It has a totally familiar look—almost identical to the graph for organizations that tells you ways busy they’re. The journey time graph has bars for 1/2 an hour earlier than, and a few hours after the present day time. there may be additionally a dotted line just above the bars with a time indicated. This gives you some frame of reference for how near the bars is probably. a piece greater records on the Y-axis could be satisfactory, although.

you can use this new chart to gauge your departure time. If the modern traffic is better or decrease than normal, you could wait a chunk or rush out the door in response. as with all things Google, this feature might be limited by way of vicinity. It seems to be constantly available in the US and united kingdom at the least.

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