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Hey! It’s 11’o Clock. I am feeling damn hungry. My stomach is growling so loud. Not able to even sleep. I really need something to eat.

There is no time for hunger. While studying late night, completing an assignment or watching your favorite T.V show. Your stomach can demand for food anytime. You can even hear your stomach growling for food. At that time you can’t wait even for a single minute. It might satisfy you for that particular moment but it will create problem for your health later. Believe it or not; whatever you eat before bed time can cause serious impact on your health. You may have heard eating at late night is bad for your health. That isn’t true; the fact is you just have to know what food to eat and which one to avoid.

Only light food is highly recommended in modern science and in Ayurveda too. There also many reasons for prohibition of food at late nights. The main reason behind this is the food eaten at night time does not get properly digested. We do not indulge ourselves in any physical activities after having our dinner. The rate of metabolism slows down during night hours, which lead to indigestion and increment in weight. It also leads to bad breath, gum problems, constipation, joint pains and several diseases of the throat.

There is nothing wrong while having late night snacks if you are feeling hungry. But think twice before you eat. Try to avoid those food items which will disrupt your sleep and health. The below list describes the top-ten health-killing foods you shouldn’t eat before you go to bed.

Try to avoid Sleep Stealers

  • Garlic – It is a hot herb. It will give you bad breath, upset stomach, and heartburn.
  • Dark Chocolate – Sorry to Choco lovers! Unfortunately you have to quit chocolate before bed. As it contains fewer level of caffeine and loaded with stimulants, which slower your running heart.

  • Alcohol – Some people believe that alcohol is the best way for a great sleep. That’s not true. In fact, it disturbs your sleeping manner, gives you several awakenings and frustration. Try to avoid alcohol for a deep, peaceful sleep.

  • Red Meat – Good news for non-vegetarians. No need to avoid red meat red as they have high level of iron and tryptophan which helps you to sleep. The only thing to focus on is don’t eat just right before bed. As it is loaded with proteins and fats that will keep your body hard and difficult to digest.
  • Soda – There is nothing much more acidic than soda. The acid damages those same valves and carbonation increases stomach pressure.

  • Cheese – It is very known to everyone that there is no another fatty food as compared to cheese and difficult to digest specially at bed time.
  • Nuts – Nuts are high in calories, whether saturated or unsaturated. It contains a healthy dose of the latter. Cashews, walnuts and peanuts are the worst; it should be avoided before bed.

  • Citrus – It is better to have raw fruits instead of juice, as it is highly acidic in nature.
  • Coffee – It doesn’t need any explanation; many people know this. People go for coffee to stay awake until late at night. If you need a good sleep then avoid coffee or tea at night as it contains caffeine.
  • High Fat food – Oily, cheese, French fries, pizzas with extra cheese, greasy food, etc all such foods are high in fat and difficult to digest. So it’s better to avoid at late in night.

  • Spicy snacks – Spicy foods can cause heartburns and stomach problems. It’s better to avoid such spicy food which makes you feel physically uncomfortable.

Sleep Superstars

  • Dairy Foods – Dairy foods contain calcium and a substance called tryptophan, which helps induce sleep. Go for a glass of warm milk or a carton for a good sleep.

  • Low-Fat Grains – Fiber fills you up and helps you to keep away from several awakenings. A bowl of cereal or whole-wheat bread can be a good option.
  • Fruits – Fresh fruits are low in fat and calories. Fresh fruit also supplies you with vitamin C and potassium. A light snack just before bed can help you fall asleep.

  • Cheese stick – Munching on a low-fat cheese stick before bed leave you calm.
    Chapattis instead of rice

Try to avoid eating late night. Keep yourself busy with some activity, which keep your mind away from food. Don’t sleep immediately after having food. Give some time to yourself for digestion. Take a short walk. Enjoy a healthy and tasty snacky night.

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