Get Smile Through These Foods

Eating is no less than a delight, the fundamental aspect of which is to feed the hungry hormones. But what can be more exciting than the food which elevates the level of fun and passion in you and your life? A smile is everything that can change the stressed you into a happy you and we present to you some of the food items that definitely bring smile on your face.

Allow me to take you on a journey so epic, that it would make you happy.

Strawberry - BlogBucket
Strawberry – BlogBucket

1. Strawberry

The lustful red strawberry would cheer up the silent charm and would certainly bring a smile on your face. Not only delicious, but it’s also considered as a symbol of love and lust. Yes, a fantastic reason to cheer this food as it can easily excite you to be in that elated mood phase in no time.

2. Cheesecake

It can be chocolate cheese cake or pumpkin cheesecake, or may be garnished with lots of jellies or strawberries, the sight of it would always make you drop your jaw with an awww!! A nice trick, to lure the stomach to excrete the gastric juices, would be to indulge in the aromatic fragrance of the cake baking. More than being considered as a dessert to complete your dinner or lunch it can be eaten with utmost delight.

Chocolate - BlogBucket
Chocolate – BlogBucket

3. Chocolate

Whether it is dark chocolate or the sweet one, the name itself brings smile on the face and the taste of it always excites the taste buds. Such is the love of chocolate in the heart of the world that has been prevailing since centuries. Day or night, its craving can make the sensual side in you get aroused. Chocolate is loved for ages, the bond of which shall be loved forever.

4. Gol-Gappas

This food item is something that can easily make you go haywire. The desi styled fried little oval shaped delicacy are the centre of attraction when it comes to street food. The fantabulous mix of sliced potato, sweet chutney and flavoured water is something worth trying.

Ice-Cream - BlogBucket
Ice-Cream – BlogBucket

5. Ice cream

Now who won’t indulge in the sweet melody of the whimsical journey with just a lick of that cream decorated over the crisp cone graciously filled with almonds, roasted nuts, and a variety of beautifully carved toppings? If you are diabetic and still a big fan of this cold delight, then you can enjoy the sweet little ride once in a while. Such is its fame that the love of which is equally distributed among all age groups. I know the smile is evident.

6. Channa Bhatura & Sweet Lassi

Yummmm! Every time this comes to my mind, good feeling shivers my body and the tongue have no control over it. Even the sight of it expands my lips to certain angle that depicts smile. This is not only me, but the whole of North India who loves Channa Bhatura and such is the love for its taste with lassi that it will certainly make you smile.

Pizza - BlogBucket
Pizza – BlogBucket

7. Pizza

Italy has been famous for a number of reasons and one such reason is the delicacy in crafting the uneven sheets of pizza base decorated with the finest toppings, could be with cheese or no cheese. Thanks to Dominos and Pizza Hut, which have made the delivery of the pizzas possible in the least possible time.

Food is something that will never leave you sad and the list of the food items is so long that it can touch mars and be back even before humans step there for the first civilization on it. But the most important is the smile that should stay aimlessly and if food is the reason, then you are a man or a woman for food.

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