Get directions through Human Neurons

Human brain is one of the most complex involuntary structures of our body. Though it may be 350-400 grams in weight but it holds tremendous truth and complexities behind the human life. Human brain holds secrets behind human existence that is still under covers and needs to be unfolded. According to mythological facts, we only utilize about 10% of our brain on daily basis while, this percentage was stretched by Einstein to 15%. So now can you appreciate the marvels of the human brain. Now you would understand that we are still underutilizing our human brain.

Neuron is the smallest cell of the human brain. Just as we have coins in our currency, similarly neuron is the basic unit of our neural anatomy. Neuron cells are the structure that joins together to form the neural tissue that helps in transmission of the neural signals from one neuron to another. Neurons are connected through the synapses that transmits the neural impulses through the myelin sheath as well as through the synaptic connections. Hence the transmission of neural signals is a quick response. Hence when try to hold a hot cup of tea the immediate response of removing your hand is a neural response. Now it happens in microseconds!!!

After recent researches, it has been determined that the human neuron can also act a gps i.e global positioning system. That is human neuron can help us in determining the positioning of the body around its environment. Human neuron gps will help in determining the location of the human body with comparison to the outside environment. In a experiment conducted on the rats in laboratory showed these marvelous results highlighting the hidden properties of the human neuron gps. This scientific breakthrough will help in the treatment of the patients with memory loss or dementia or in Alzheimers patients.

In this experiment a rat was left in a maze with path colliding in the same manner as the number 8 and observation was done regarding the tracing of the path by the rat through the maze. According to researches, the navigation process is stimulated by the hippocampal cells, where the electrical activity increases or decreases depending upon the human’s geographical location and hence forms the basis of recoding of results through the rat experiment. The researchers observed the electrical activities of the rat in the perihinal region and the hippocampal region along with two sensory areas. The electrical activities recorded showed the relevance of the hippocampal region in the global positioning system.

As is known that the patients with Alzheimers have difficulties in determining the spatial orientation and hence the human neuron gps would be a god’s gift in helping them in remote sensing through the utilization of these wonderful neurons.

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