Food Or Mood? Which Is More Important?

Hey!!!! I’m damn hungry!!!! What’s for dinner?? Uummm where do I start?? What did you make?? Oohhh…. U cooked this for dinner. Not again Plzzzz. Are you going to cook something else or should I order from outside? Ok fine… Countdown begins & finally pizza is here. Yummm.. Hott.. Delicious.. Yeah!! That’s going to stick around.

This is a common discussion in every family and it’s a daily routine. During regular days you might pick something healthy with the little compromises but by weekend it’s not going to acceptable at all. It might be good for your health but it’s not good for your mental or emotional health.

Well, there are a certain food items that can surprisingly spoil your mood

  • Soda – It is not good at all for your physical and mental health. It contains carbohydrates which are quickly absorbed in your bloodstream and you may feel high energy. It also effects sugar level and lead you to mood swing.

An Alternate: Go for citrus fruits juices with just a bit of soda added in it.

  • Salted nuts – You may face headache, irritability, mood swing, anxiety and many more health hazards by consuming high levels of sodium and monosodium glutamate which are present in packaged nuts.

An Alternate:  Go for natural ones with no added salt or opt for the roasted ones with a pinch of salt.

  • Chocolates – It might be unexpected or surprising factor especially for choco lovers. Chocolate is not good for your health. It is going to give you a sharp dip in your mood. It gives you energy with the instant sugar rush in your blood, but as soon as it comes down you may feel low.

An Alternate: Add a little bit of cocoa powder to different drinks and snacks.

  • Potato chips – Is it possible for you to say A Big No to delicious Potato chips? You have to do this as this is not only going to lower your brain activity along with that it also brings negativity to your mental state. It all happens due to the ingredient omega-3 fatty acid which is present in this.

 An Alternate: Go for popcorns.

  • Canned soups – Soups are healthy. Isn’t it? Let us make it clear to you they are not! The soups that are packed in cans, those cans are coated with
    Bisphenol -A (BPA). This chemical is used to make plastic. It enters in your body very easily and leaves you depressed along with a few more disorders.

An Alternate: Go for a healthy home-made one with fresh vegetables on your own.

  • Soy yogurt – It is also known as Yofu. It is made by adding soy milk to yoghurt bacteria. It plays a double role with your health. On one hand it soothes your digestive system with the help of omega -6 fatty acid but on the other hand omega -6 fatty acid itself blocks the good omega-3 fatty acid, which is a mood enhancer.

An Alternate: If you really love dairy products, go for coconut milk, cocoa butter or whole milk, as they contain very low quantity of omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Inorganic fruits and vegetables – We are very well aware of this factor but still we are playing with our health. Pesticide sprayed fruits and vegetables are a part of our daily lives. It contains neurotoxins that damage the brain cells and lead to depression and mood changes.

An Alternate: Be careful while shop for fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of stores these days that sell organic foods. So, it’s better to be buying them from there.

  • Processed meats – As we all know that animals are not fed properly now days. They are fed by nitrate injections not by healthy diets. Then how can you consume that kind of processed meat. You will surely face depression, migraines, and other mood disorders if you ate it.

An Alternate: Go for fresh and unprocessed meats, like steak, grilled or roasted chicken, turkey, etc.

  • Caffeine – No more Caffeine Crush, now it’s Caffeine Crash. It really makes you feel very low and leave you sleepless. Excess amount of caffeine can spoil your good mood, triggers your pituitary gland and gives you an adrenaline rush.

An Alternate: Go for Dried fruit and nuts

  • Foods high in sodium – Too much of anything is good for nothing. Sodium is necessary to maintain health and prevent both nutritional and neurological imbalances, but too much consumption of sodium can cause depression, chronic diseases, muck up your immune system and general fatigue.

An Alternative: Go for freshly ground black pepper.

So, if you really want to enhance your mood then be careful while buying something healthy for you. And if you have been eating any of these foods, then it’s the time to bring some minor changes.

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