Finding The Road Leads To Happiness

The Road to Ecstasy

“If you go to the Odyssey as a boy, you will return a man; if you go as a man you will return a sage, and if you go as a sage, surprisingly you will return as a boy,” Dr Venki Padmanabhan, CEO, Royal Enfield.

The words so powerful that could beautify the profound desire of the seductress for her heart is sodomized with the plausible belief of lust. So deep is the state of bliss that can enchant the soul and power it with thrust and propel you to take the ride of thousand miles and such is the roar of the fuelled passion that can heal the wound with a gentle dash.

So is my love for bike rides with endless milestones, a desire to bind memories under the personified beauty of glorified skyline.

With every moment burning in adrenaline rush, I pushed myself to venture in the union of the bike riders who are continuously on prowl for new routes and destinations and one such delightful experience was captured in my heart and soul, the visions of which still reminiscent me, my wild delights.

We embarked on our 360 kilometre long journey even before the first light could kill the darkness. With fire in our horses, we tore the silence and broke the dawn and charged for our destination, the gorgeous Shimla.

With one hour into journey and riding nearly about fifty kilometre, our first stop at Murthal-Sukhdev saw us stuffing and munching hot chai and paranthas, a delicious feast to fill our bellies.

After sumptuous food we stuffed ourselves with, we resumed riding on NH-1, with almost no traffic and silky smooth road. Our ride till Panipat was like a breeze.

Our second stop at Panipat-Karnal-Ambala highway delighted us with the sun-kissed sky and cheerful birds chirping over the horizon with evergreen mustard fields shimmering under the sparkling sunlight.

Upon reaching Ambala, the highway branched into two and we took the road to Chandigarh. The Ambala – Chandigarh highway was engulfed with pack of riders, with each pillion rider piled on with bag packs filled with excitement, cutting through the traffic with thunderous appreciation from bystanders.

Our third stop at NH-22 or the Chandigarh-Shimla highway witnessed smoke sessions with each biker puffing out the heavenly smoke of satisfaction, laughing and smouldering their sorrows, weaving a happy dream, freezing the moment with timeless smiles.

Our last leg of journey began after a short break at Solan, visualising the vastness of the mountains with whimsical clouds playing hide and seek with the sun. With sun setting off the horizon, the red hue in the sky slowly dimmed the day in the melody of darkness.

Sitting on an edge of the cliff, the chilly gust rejuvenated our stressed thoughts, with shimmer in our eyes, the march towards our bikes initiated more of a revolution on the road to ecstasy, leaving behind the untapped dreams closest to fulfilment.

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