Facts About Sex From History

Lions do it. Monkeys do it. Birds do it. Humans do it. In fact, humans have done it always, since the dawn of time. I am talking about the most overrated act of several millennia, the sexual act or just ‘sex’ as we all know it today. There is no doubt in the existence of sex since the beginning of the mankind, but how much of it has really changed with the evolution of time? Is modern sex better? Are we doing it better? Are we doing it more? Well, at least we think so. There are many myths and facts about sex and scientists do not always agree with what we generally think.

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The anatomy of the humans has not changed for about 1 million years; this owes to the assumption that the cave dwellers or our forefathers enjoyed sex exactly (or only negligibly different) the way we do it today.

Facts About Sex

A weird sex fact is that Today, not even a single evidence exists that says that we are doing it more than our forefathers. It is just that we, today, talk about it more openly and are quite frank about the activities while sharing them with our friends and family, alike people living decades and centuries ago.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the act of sex was somewhat curtailed owing to the lack of contraceptive methods and prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.

The graph of act of sex, since evolution, has encountered enough crests and troughs, in terms of the way it was treated by the society, liberally or narrow-mindedly. Greeks and Romans were quite liberal as they made out with whomsoever they wanted to. The Church Era prohibited almost every act of sex that prevailed. To my astonishment, even the married couples were not allowed to have sex on Sundays. Then, the liberalized sex was back in almost every developed society, after the Industrial Revolution.


In the ancient and medieval times, people had sex because it felt good. Today, people have it and even talk about it for the same reason, it feels good. And I think, sex will keep making us feel elated till the time we will continue to evolve, because perhaps sex was and will always be the most fulfilling thing in the world.

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