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India moves at its own pace. A slow languid pace, that is very here and now, into the moment. To experience the real India, one needs to slow down. Slow down to the slightly drunken pace, of bullock carts. The best way to do that is to BACKPACK.

Backpacking amongst young Indians has not taken off as much. The highest, number of domestic tourists book themselves on package deals, where there is a minimum amount of luxury assured. It might prove comforting to the body and the bones but it defeats the purpose of visiting a place that is to get to know it and its people. The local inputs end up being very touristy and you never really get to know the place.

The fit, environmentally friendly, sustainable, budget travel

Backpacking is something every responsible young person can do. It does not require too much planning and your luggage is whatever you can carry on your back, in a rucksack. It is travel that can be done on a budget as most of the backpacking areas are not luxury oriented and do not offer those services. So you end up using local transport, home stay and local food. This considerably brings down the costs.

As nothing has been created, remoulded or destroyed to accommodate you and your trip, the environment stays the same making your trip environmentally friendly. You also reduce your carbon footprint as you travel.

As there is a walking and physical activity involved in Backpacking, you will come back fitter than you left.

People Friendly Backpacking Haven

Himachal Pradesh opened out as a friendly backpacking haven in the early 80’s. Jammu and Kashmir’s loss was Himachal’s gain. Initially it was the well known areas of Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Kullu, Manali that drew tourists but over the years there are many areas of Himachal that have opened out to every backpacker’s delight.

Remember This While Packing Your Bags

  • A good rucksack, sleeping bag and ground sheet
  • A few sets of clothes that are easy to wash and dry – shorts and T Shirts are good, one pair of light weight pants  for trekking
  • A medicine box with basic medicine and first aid
  • A good LED based torch
  • A bag of sweets or chocolates, energy bars and dry fruits and nuts
  • A metallic plate and mug
  • Essential personal toiletries
  • A good pair of hiking boots that breathe
  • An insulated water bottle. (We don’t want to be littering the mountain side with plastic!!)
  • Extra pairs of socks

Hiking routes that you could use for backpacking


Mcleodganj to Tibetan library and back – 4.5 kms

Hike to Triund & Snowline cafe from McLeodganj 19.5 kms

Hike to forest and waterfall northeast of Galu from McLeod Ganj  16 kms


 Triund Loop, Dharamshala 15 kms


 Bhutti- Balyani – 13.6 kms

 Kandi pass 38.5 kms

Other Places:

 Sajwar  Great Himalayan National Park  22 kms

Naggar To Nashala On Jana Road – 6 kms

Bhuntar gompa hike 7.8 kms

Billing Paragliding Launch site to Bir 6.4 kms

Kalogi, Comand, Padar – 14.8 Kms

Diyar And Ningana 9.4 Kms

Baikley Mountain 2.56 kms

Gorli to Ngah and Back 17.28 kms

Some Other Good Places To Backpack Are:

  • Kibber Village In Spiti Valley
  • Chetru Village In Kangra Valley
  • Tabo Monastery In Spiti Valley
  • Ki Monastery In Spiti Valley

A Few Tips To Stay Safe, Sound, And Secure

  • Be Confident – be self assured when you travel
  • Stay Alert – stay alert about your surroundings and your possessions
  • Use Your Common Sense – instinct and common sense are always helpful at the human level
  • Lower Your Profile – don’t show off when you talk to local people
  • Pre Book Where You Can – book beforehand where you can
  • Don’t Draw Attention To Your Self – don’t be flashy in any way
  • Be Sensitive To Local Custom And Tradition – when in Rome do as the Romans do

Follow these step to Enjoy to fullest and without worries. Now its time to Flew to Your Travel Dreams.

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