Exam Stress for Parents

ANXIOUS, NERVOUSNESS, PRESSURE… Cliché words of the month. If you couldn’t make it an outlet, let me break it down, I am talking about the time of year when a sheet of paper has certainly decided your future (Honestly, doesn’t). This is the perfect time when such anxieties related to academic performance eventually affect a student’s performance. These anxieties actually stem from parents who OFFLOAD them on their child, resulting in marring their self- confidence.

Of course, there is a question in your head ‘How can I help my child during exams?’; and if it so then kills the anxieties. I am here for your rescue. Pfff, I sound like superman now.


  • Start by acknowledging your subjects (the easy, the mediocre and the challenging ones based on their difficulty levels), rate them on the basis of a level of difficulty you will face teaching your child so that you can focus on the needful activities like home tutors and extra classes for the subjects that scare you.
  • Assist your child to create a study timetable providing sufficient time for all the subjects.
Nutritious Food - BlogBucket
Nutritious Food – BlogBucket
  • Provide nutritious food to keep them fit and healthy (With personal experience, serve their favorite dishes)
  • Let them play and watch TV for an hour. You to relax while they are playing.


After you have done with being the facilitator, it comes down to you being the friend in need.

As a parent, you already know how your child reacts when he/she is stressed or anxious, mostly the much visible signs of anxiety are already there and they just need your eyes. Often children talk about their frustrations and anxiety, if not, then children express the ‘marked fear‘ in terms of not being adequately prepared or what if they don’t get the course of choice or forgetting everything.

Marked Fear - BlogBucket
Marked Fear – BlogBucket

Also, some children tend to oversleep or not sleep at all… These are signs of stress and anxiety (IT’S NATURAL). All you have to do is be there for the child and monitor (if only the child doesn’t get irritated). Above all, reassure your child that they should focus on learning and not getting marks. They shouldn’t fear any subject, so being calm is the key.

Adding to my personal experience, if you are anything like my mother then you must be an expert in stressing out when your child doesn’t sleep at all… But hey, every child is different and so are their studying habits. Night or day sleep, just calm yourself down because it’s okay… you only have to make sure they get enough rest and let them be.


  • AVOID, AVOID, AVOID controlling your child and give them their personal space.
  • Value your child for whatever he/she is, get over this myth that academics is the end of the world, academics are just one path of life, not the life.
STOP COMPARING your child - BlogBucket
STOP COMPARING your child – BlogBucket
  • Understand the potential of your child and PLEASE, STOP COMPARING your child to any other, every child is UNIQUE. I urge you to not do this because it disturbs their peace of mind.

Follow these and mission accomplished.

I understand that you want your child to reach the top of the world, to not struggle the way you might have to reach what you are now, but amongst all, there is a dancer who doesn’t need to understand Newton law, there is a painter who doesn’t need to understand the trigonometry, there is a sportsman who doesn’t need to understand what Mughals did, there is a writer who doesn’t need to understand the gravitational force. Anyway ask yourself, where did memorize trigonometry formulas or the name of Mughal kings helped you in your job, or if at all, do you even remember those? Simple enough, don’t let a sheet of paper take away their talents and their dreams.

Tell them, it’s okay, kiss their forehead, removing their headache and shower your blessings.

All the best to all the parents and students!

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