Ensure Your Safety this Diwali!

Another name of Diwali is Dhoom dhadaka, but the blistering sources of ecstasy can crack into the sources of suffering too. A little caution, however, can keep the blues at bay, helping you merrymaking in the festival of lights.

Don’t Go Blind

Don't Go Blind - BlogBucket
Don’t Go Blind – BlogBucket

During the festival of lights, around 5,000 cases of childhood blindness are reported every year due to firework injuries. Therefore, if injured, do not rub the eyes. Don’t wash eyes with tap water, as it increases chances of infection. Don’t use any medication without referring a doctor. Shield the eye and take the injured person to the nearest doctor, even if the injury is minor.

Distance Fonder the Heart

Distance Fonder the Heart - BlogBucket
Distance Fonder the Heart – BlogBucket

Maintain one full arm distance and turn your face in the other direction while lighting fireworks. Keep some distance away from crackers being burnt, and cover your ears. If the cracker is too close to the ear, the eardrum may get pricked.

Dress Code

Dress Code - BlogBucket
Dress Code – BlogBucket

COTTON – I know you love those chiffon sarees and gorgeous georgette Anarkalis but one must wear cotton clothes as they don’t catch fire easily and do not stick to the body. However, limit that attire for your Diwali poojas and parties.

Go Branded

Well, I am not talking about PRADA, JIMMY CHO, etc. However, about the brands of crackers, make sure you buy fireworks from licensed and reliable sellers.

Go Prepared

Go Prepared - BlogBucket
Go Prepared – BlogBucket

An emergency can occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone. So don’t let that anyone be you. Before setting crackers, keep plenty of water near you. If burns are sustained, pour water continuously on the burned area and go to the doctor immediately

Thanks to our carelessness, we end up spoiling the festive spirit hurting ourselves in various ways. Even a bit of callousness could lead to lethal consequences, However, a little precaution could add more sparkle to the Diwali.

Have a Safe Diwali!

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