Empowering Widows for a brighter future

International Widows Day is the day to focus our attention to the cause of women empowerment. According to literature, a woman who has lost her husband’s life due to natural cause or man-made cause is classified as a widow. But is it fair to classify any human being on the basis of existence of another individual. Women are a pillar of strength and strong will. Hence discriminating any women on the basis of the existence of her husband is a typical trait of the modernized patriarchal society.

The International widows day came in to existence by the Loomba Foundation to raise awareness and awake the world about the misfortune and women inequality face by these women. The Internation widows day is celebrated on 23rd June due to the fact that Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba became a widow on this day in 1954. According to a 2010 estimates, out of 245 million widows about 115 million widows live in poverty and face gender inequality and social and economic deprivation because of the fact that they have lost their beloved husbands and hence there is no individual existence of such women. The issue of women inequality and women empowerment has been raised in multiple national and international platforms but any hard-hitting decision is still impending.

Importance of gender equality

Male and female are born in this world with similar composition and structure but this patriarchal society has created differences in these two genders. Nowadays there is still awareness about women rights and equality in the urban cities but what about the girls in the rural towns and villages. Have you ever thought about it? Yes there is condition is of gruesome concern. Since the day from their birth till the day she gets married, she is seen as a liability by her parents and the society. Once she gets married, she is bounded in the shackles of marriage which she has to accept to survive in the modern society even though she is not ready physically, mentally or even socially. But who cares, if you are a women, you have to get married at right age and settle down to plan your future with your husband. Does she ever live for herself? The answer is NO.

How to empower women?

  • Gaining education at the right time:

Instead of spending time at home and learning about the household activities, it is equally important to empower the girls of our country with the right mode of education so that they acquire appropriate mental and social stimuli that will help them in facing the outside world through their intellect and knowledge.

  • Empowering women through vocational rehab:

The women can be made independent by involving them in a vocational rehab programs that are being widely promoted by the government of India. SWADHAR GREH or rehabilitation of women in difficult circumstances is one such example. Besides there are multiple NGO’s working in this area to improve the deteriorating condition of the widows in India. CARE INDIA is one such NGO working to empower the women and the girl child in India. Women’s on Wings is another such example that focuses on creating jobs to empower the women of today.

  • Becoming self reliant:

Once an appropriate vocal rehab has been undertaken, focus should be on generating adequate job opportunities and providing the social status of respect for all the widows.

  • Induction of laws and regulations against discrimination on Gender:

Laws highlighting the rights of the women and treating them with respect needs to be stringently applied by the authorities. This will help in minimizing the gap between the male and female gender.

Women have the wonderful gift to give birth. From womens, comes the beautiful gift of another individual. If we disrespect our life-givers then you all can understand the plight of our society. Now you be a better judge and join hands to stop this gender inequality today.

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  1. very important issue. I am self a mother of 2 girls ( and 2 boys)- and education and being self reliant has been one of the things I have reached them about since they were little girls. Luckily we live in Norway, one of the countries that has gotten a long way with equality between genders. But still this Is something we always have to be aware of – and also support fights for this in other countries!

  2. It’s a wonderful article. I think, the concept of equality is always misguided and leads a path in which one gender tries to overpower the other. Rather than competing among each other, it’s very crucial for both the genders to walk hand in hand to prosper as a society. Rather than oppressing the opposite gender we should understand our individual roles and contribute positively to it. This article is a wonderful depiction. Gonna share it forward. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. It’s really sad to see humans berate their fellow humans based on preconceived notions. I hope we will see the change in our lifetime.

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