Darjeeling ! Must Visit Place for a True Wanderer

If your life is giving you nothing but stress, then it’s time to let things loose. It’s time to take a break and visit Darjeeling. I promise, if you come here, you’ll be dazzled with its beauty. It offers you a lot, right from its world famed tea to the magnificent view of the world’s third highest peak, Kanchenjunga.

The exotic landscape
Darjeeling, often referred as “the queen of hills”, is situated on the lower altitudes of the Himalayas. The scenery and the climate have always been an attraction for the people from the country and abroad, making it a very popular tourist destination.

The famous Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill, a place located 11 kilometers from the main town is a must visit for all the tourists. An early morning drive to this hill will leave you with inner peace, giving you one of the best experiences. You get to witness one of the best sunrise of your life along with mesmerizing views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest. The sunrise polishes the peaks of Kanchenjunga, turning the white snow into glowing gold.

Kingdom of Tea
Darjeeling is also well known for its tea. Started by the Britishers and now, continued by the Indian tea growers, the place is home to some of the finest black teas produced in the planet. Darjeeling tea has become an international trademark and is recognized for its finest aroma and flavor.

A cheerful ride engulfing the nature
The toy train which has been declared as the World Heritage site by UNESCO leaves one and all amazed. This joy ride from Siliguri to Darjeeling pleases the passengers by leaving them amazed in the midst of nature. The railway tracks go through thick forests and over beautiful waterfalls of the region, serving the passengers with lovely sights. Just before reaching the final destination the train passes over the Batasia Loop, from where, you get an impeccable 360-degree view of the complete town along with Mt. Kanchenjunga in the background. A cenotaph has been built in the middle of the loop, honoring and paying tribute to all the Gorkha soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the nation. Few minutes after crossing the loop, you will reach a small yet beautiful town “Darjeeling-The queen of hills”.

The serene climate
The weather here always fascinates its visitors. The mornings can sometimes be bright but there is no guarantee of brightness and warmth throughout the day. Fog and cold weather are the heart of the climate here, so it is recommended to always carry an umbrella and a pullover along with you. Apart from simply gazing the magnificence of nature, you can unswervingly walk into it. The place gives an opportunity to enjoy the woods on a foggy day and go camping on a chilling night. Visiting Darjeeling will leave you with some of the most beautiful time of your life.

Modesty along with the delicacies
It is not just the nature or tea that makes it beautiful, but the people of this town are equally good and humble. Interaction with a stranger will make you adore the humbleness of the natives. The cuisine of the place is impeccable. To attend the necessities of the tourists, coming from across the nation and abroad, specified restaurants have been established. But exploring the local food is not a bad option either. These dishes are unique and delightful. If you love momos then this is a paradise for you, for the momos here are certainly one of the best in India. Other regional dishes which you can give a try are Thukpa, Churpee, and Sael Roti.

A short trip to Darjeeling leaves one with countless memories. It not only rejuvenates you but also takes you back to the British era. The lush greenery, the woods, and the waterfalls make it an ideal vacation for the nature lovers. Leaving the place will certainly make you gloomy; however the town always welcomes you back with all its loveliness every time.

  1. Yes – I have never visited Darjeeling… but the history of the place is amazing! And it looks amazing! Let’s all go!

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