Breathtaking Wedding Stage Design Ideas!

One element that gives an entirely different dimension to the wedding and grabs major attention of guests is the stage. The stage is an integral part of any wedding, and why wouldn’t it be? When the bride and bridegroom are confined at a single place for a maximum time, then people will surely mark the details about it under scrutiny. Our photo albums will be filled with pictures taken at the wedding reception stage and so will be the mobile phones with ample of candids, selfie and groupfie. Hence, if you expect an extraordinary and remarkable wedding and want to create a long-lasting impressive image of your wedding for your guests then what can be a better idea than a splendid reception stage decorations!  After all, these are the memories you create for life!

Moreover, it becomes quite difficult to find a perfect stage, with perfect size, the material used, colors etc and at times, coordinating with your decorator becomes difficult but no worries, we have got one of the best wedding stage designs that are in trends and can immediately uplift your mood. Scroll down and you won’t miss on some of the most exciting and exquisite wedding stage designs we have ever come across.

One of the most electrifying set up of the wedding stage is the one in front of pool, which draws you in completely! We all have come across various set-ups on grounds and halls but the one right in front of a pool is a far cry from ordinary. A cool breeze with some loud music, wine and romantic aura is a perfect example of a fascinating ambiance.

An asymmetric geometry plays always plays its role best. It is a mystical and classy wedding stage with the most graceful colors. Everything from seating to flowers defines royalty and if you want your photos to stand out, this is the best choice. The decoration is entirely unique and will imprint a beautiful image in everybody’s mind.

Do you believe that nothing can define an Indian wedding better than the color of gold? If you are an ultra-traditional and less drama person and expect a subtle and elegant wedding stage, then this will be your choice for sure! This wedding stage is a perfect mixture of class and elegance. Gold is considered to be a symbol of prosperity and what better can a prosperous couple dream to get married?

It is an undeniable fact that flower adds an edgy look to every decoration, and when the occasion is a wedding, flowers are a must. Secondly, red is considered to be a color of love and togetherness, a color of great importance to building romantic aura. The contrast in color of flowers and chairs give a purely graceful look.

Candles! How can one disagree with the fact that candles bring in the loveliest aura? Imagine your candlelight dinners, and now think how amazing it would be to get married in a stage with the same ambiance. If you love decorations with lights then it’s a wise choice to select this wedding stage decoration. The flowers in the background are again like a cherry on a cake, adding to the elegance of the stage.

This is a jaw-dropping astounding wedding stage decoration which can make anyone speechless. This stage is like a fairytale come true, especially for those who love white! Beautiful flower combinations and a creative arrangement of the same gives a very graceful look to this stage. This is a ‘wish come true’ stage for all those who believe that less is more and want an anti-dramatic and beautiful wedding.

For all those who believe that desi is the new trend, well there you go. It is a stunning set up, reminding all of us of the tales our grandparents used to tell us that how a charpai and such rustic and ancient furniture used to be a luxury. If you want a typical spicy Bollywood types wedding with a bucolic theme then this can be your preferred choice.

Ferns get a free invitation to decorate a mandap or a wedding stage. This stage with a color combination of yellow and green gives a very ethnic and traditional look and of course, flowers add to the beauty of the already beautiful stage. Such stages can be preferred by those who like things simple and sober. This wedding stage would never fail to give us a purely happy and exciting wedding feel.

A glorious wedding stage design which can leave anyone awestruck! The combination of which and red is many times underestimated, but this design proves itself to be one of the best ones The royal seating with glittery pillars can easily catch eyeballs. The subtle addition of roses moreover can leave one spellbound. A stage decoration as pretty and as fancy as this will make your wedding day more memorable than anything else.

Once the stage is set, you have to sort out other specifics. You are not going to have to do this on your own. WeddingsOnly is here to help. Reach out to us to build beautiful venues like Samode Palace Jaipur!

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