Breastfeeding – A Gift to Baby from Mother

Breastfeed your Baby

Being a mother is a proud moment for every woman. This moment comes with a responsibility to take care of your baby and your health too. After that unbearable pain; when little one comes into this world, the most important responsibility of a mother is to do breast feed the baby. It’s an emotional satisfaction which builds a strong bonding between mother and infant. Undoubtedly mother’s milk is the most important natural food required for the baby.

Breastfeed your Baby - BlogBucket
Breastfeed your Baby

Why Breastfeeding is Important?

Colostrum, the yellowish, sticky breast milk which is formed at the end of pregnancy, is considered as the perfect complete food for the newborn. It contains 400 nutrients and disease fighting compounds which helps the baby to be stronger and healthier. If a mother is perfectly healthy, she should try to breastfeed for up to six months which is extremely beneficial for the infant. Babies who are breastfed from birth are also much less likely fall ill in their first year of life that means ‘Fewer hospitalizations and lesser trips to the doctor’.

Breastfeeding is Important - BlogBucket
Breastfeeding is Important

Apart from that, there are some cases in which it’s better not to breastfeed. It’s very important to keep in mind that if you have HIV or active tuberculosis, then breastfeed must be avoided. If you are consuming any medications or alcohol; breast milk can be harmful to your baby.

Breast Milk: Natural Immunity Booster

Natural Immunity Booster - BlogBucket
Natural Immunity Booster
  • It improves baby’s cognitive development and makes them more intelligent.
  • It protects baby from gastroenteritis, pneumonia, bronchiolitis and ear infections.
  • It reduces risk of eczema, asthma and allergies.
  • It lowers the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and diabetes.
  • It helps in growth and proper functioning of digestive system
  • It increases the effectiveness of immunizations, and protects the baby against polio, tetanus, and diphtheria vaccines.
  • Breast sucking helps enhancing development of baby’s oral muscles, facial bones, and aids in optimal dental development

Best for Mother

Best for Mother - BlogBucket
Best for Mother
  • It helps to lose weight.
  • It protects against ovarian and breast cancer.
  • It reduces risk of developing type 2Diabetes.
  • It reduces uterine bleeding after birth.
  • It protects against early return of fertility.
  • It helps to spend less time and money on pediatric care.
  • It increases self-confidence and a stronger sense of connection with their babies.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Important Things to Keep in Mind - BlogBucket
Important Things to Keep in Mind

It is very essential to learn the ABC of Breastfeeding that is Awareness, Be Patient, Care and Comfort. Breastfeeding looks simple but some women need help and guidance. There are lot of things which a mother needs to learn about breastfeeding; from prepping to pumping, managing while traveling and many more. First week can be crucial for some but soon a mother becomes used to do breastfeeding. In any case if you are facing any problem while breastfeeding contact a lactation consultant or take advice from experienced people in family or talk to an experienced friend. You can continue the process of breastfeeding till your baby start eating solid foods or until the end of first year and beyond.

Happy Motherhood!

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