Breaking Barriers through Fingerprints

First Smart Fingerprint Padlock – Tapplock


Has any one ever experienced the torturous pressures of remembering numerous pass-codes ranging from a simple mobile lock to your most treasured credit card pin? I m sure, in today’s world of numbers, almost every treasure and valuable possession whether it is your facebook profile or your precious gems are locked away by different array of locks.

To bring a sigh of relief to all the gen next, we are discussing today about a new innovation in the world of padlocks, which is the Tapplock. The new and adaptable invention that assures opening a lock can be just  fingerprints away is surely to look out for. The Tapplock as the name suggests is a unique padlock that utilizes the fingerprints of the owner to open away all your hurdles of locks without pressurizing you to remember any of the weird number combinations. Thus providing you the freedom to forget some of the most cherished number combinations.

Tapplock is a capacitative fingerprint sensor that allows unlocking through the touch of finger within 0.8 seconds. Not only that the algorithm used to bring about such quick responses is through the use of adaptive algorithm that makes the experience of using Tapplock much more time efficient and lesser power consuming. The accessibility through Tapplock is quite reliable as the it is through a fingerprint sensor that can store up to 500 accesses that also helps in maintaining the accuracy of the device. The Tapplock is a gift to today’s fast paced generation to become free from the world of passwords.

Breaking the Tapplock will not be a child’s play. Made with Zamak 3 zinc alloy body and stainless steel shackle and reinforced by double-layered lock design will be a nightmare for anyone without the accessibility of their fingerprint in the memory of the Tapplock. Not only that it’s metallic body is water and weather resistant so keeping your bicycle locked using one of these will be safe and secure and you can be completely relaxed about your assets security. Keeping the security of the belongings as the prime important factor, the Tapplock releases immediate sound alarm thus alerting you of contamination of your security codes by any unknown sources and sending timely updates on the same.  Securing the personal belongings of the owner in an advanced manner is of utmost importance for the Tapplock.

With a resilient body design, the battery life of Tapplock is equally efficient providing you with a year battery life with just mere 2 hours of charging thus making it energy efficient and sustainable in today’s time. Not only that you can even charge your personal phone through the usage of the Tapplock.

Not able to physically access the Tapplock? No need to worry as Tapplock provides you with the luxury of unlocking your breakthrough invention through the usage of the modern day app installed in your mobile phone. With 500 fingerprints accessibility, you can include your near and dear ones that can operate the Tapplock in your absence or you can lend a temporary access to one of your friend thus making a smart and efficient padlock in today’s time.

So take a deep breath, forget all the number codes and look out for this smart technology making your life truly a secure one by just a print of your finger!!!!!

Source: indiegogo
Image Courtesy: youtube

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