Break-up or Make-up with friendship!!!

Breakups are traumatic for any couple who have invested their time and love in nurturing the relationship with keeping together as their future. But sometimes the path of love seems to be filled of thorns and the right solution for both couple is not part ways in an amicable situation. Not having same priorities or emotional connect lacking or your compatibility not matching anymore could be few of the reasons for parting ways. The utmost thing to keep in mind is when the others person presence does not evoke the feelings of love and security within the relationship then it seems time to come to an amicable decision of parting ways with respect.

Can you be friends with your ex?

This is an utmost question that comes to mind from the time when one undergoes a breakup. From being together in all things and sharing each others secrets to handling each others mood swings to the absence of that significant other from your life is surely a tough situation. But if you feel that breakup is the only solution then be stern and go for it. Being friends with your ex, needs to be decided after weighing the conditions under which the break up happened. If the breakup was a hostile one then keeping distance from your ex seems as a logical approach but if the breakup was an amicable decision by both the individuals then keeping friendship might not seem as a bad idea.

But again what expectations both the individuals are keeping from this friendship needs to be cleared up between both the individuals. Whether it is going to be just friends or just good friends or friends with benefits? The effects of these friendships will have different consequences in all the situations.

Staying friends after breakup can be possible if both individuals have realistic aspirations from the friendship. The expectations and liberties of having a friendship need to be clear between both the individuals. This kind of friendship might have certain difficulties in the beginning but if both the individuals are clear about their feelings, this might last as a true and honest relationship.

Don’t continue to be friends with your ex if either of you have any lingering feelings for the other or still hope for a future together. This kind of friendship might be injurious for you and your future. The feelings of friendship should be pure friendship and not any other toxic feelings of equaling the harm done by one to the other.

Breakups though difficult needs to be cope up. Either shout it out or cry it up but don’t leave any emotions from the breakup within you. Come on guys, its just a breakup. Be bold live it out and hope for another true love in your life because you never know when true love might come knocking on the door of your heart!!!!!

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