The BPO Industry and its Impact on Office Culture

The BPO Industry and its Impact on Office Culture - BlogBucket

Various call center services in the Philippines have employed millions of Filipinos under their stead, especially those with strong communication skills. Regardless of background or experience, anyone and everyone are welcome to venture into the BPO industry.

BPO has indeed made a lasting impact in the world of employment, especially when it comes to the lifestyles and cultures presented in a standard office setting. So, if you’re looking for an ideal line of work that is sure to cater to your needs, then BPO is the industry for you! With all that said, here are some of the impacts BPO has made on office culture:

1. Less Emphasis on Limits

Less Emphasis on Limits - BlogBucket
Less Emphasis on Limits – BlogBucket

Normally, when one applies to a company, they must have a certain set of skills and abilities. In short, one must have experience, must fit into a certain age group, and other forms of limitations set upon applicants. In fact, one of the usual limitations set by employers is none other than attire, with the encouraging of the classic suit and tie for the men; as well as the usual blouse, blazer, and high heels for the women.

Luckily, in the BPO industry, as long as you’re willing to be trained by the best of the best and hone your personal skills, and as long as you have strong communication skills, you’ve secured yourself a sure shot in getting the job. Because of this particular impact, many companies around the country have started to lessen the emphasis on these limitations.

2. Flexible Work Schedules

Flexible Work Schedules - BlogBucket
Flexible Work Schedules – BlogBucket

Nowadays, BPO and numerous other corporations are going global, which adds to the importance of people working ‘til the late hours in order to get the work done according to the time-zones of certain countries. In fact, one of the usual traits of BPO, especially in Philippine call centers, is that they assign you to different shifts, while also giving you ample time to physically and mentally prepare for any shift that may come your way. Whether it be the day shift, the night shift, or even the graveyard shift, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly.

3. Numerous Kinds of Work to Do

Numerous Kinds of Work to Do - BlogBucket
Numerous Kinds of Work to Do – BlogBucket

While call center services handle the job of providing over-the-phone assistance to numerous clients around the world, that job isn’t the only one that puts BPO on then map. In fact, there are numerous accounts for an agent to handle and hone their skills, all of which entail a different approach.

Besides phone work, there are also other aspects of BPO such as chat and email support. With these scopes of work available for an agent’s choosing, there is no shortage in what you can do in BPO.

4. Satisfactory Compensations

Satisfactory Compensations - BlogBucket
Satisfactory Compensations – BlogBucket

Because the nature of BPO can be grueling at times, especially in terms of one’s physical conditions due to scheduling, it’s only right that employees under their stead be well compensated. Besides, without their services, the industry wouldn’t have the rise they deserve.

5. Promotion of Work-Life Harmony

Promotion of Work-Life Harmony - BlogBucket
Promotion of Work-Life Harmony – BlogBucket

When one talks about call centers in the Philippines, one of the most-discussed topics is none other than the agents themselves. In fact, one may notice that the usual trait of a call center agent is their laid-back nature and their overall lax, yet professional approach in their work, which in turn gives them the time to pursue their respective passions in the heat of work.

This particular impact from BPO is one of the most well-known ones as it truly does its best to promote the perfect harmony between work and personal leisure. This goes to show that work doesn’t have to be as stressful as almost everyone makes it to be.

Key Takeaway

It’s undeniable that BPO has helped in shaping the world of employment into what it is today. For anyone wishing to earn a decent income, further their studies, or even hone their own skills for other opportunities in the future, then this industry is waiting for your application.

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