Being Pregnant In the Indian Summer!

Pregnancy is an incredible journey in a woman’s life! Giving birth to another human being is no less than a miracle. Each day becomes a part of this amazing journey that completely changes the focus of life. You re-evaluate your personal and professional goals.

If you have got a baby on board, this summer can seem hotter.

Here are some tips to enjoy pregnancy during the summer:

Pregnancy and Exercise in the summer

Pregnancy and Exercise in the summer - BlogBucket
Pregnancy and Exercise in the summer – BlogBucket
  • Hydrate yourself – Before you exercise, get hydrated. It becomes important to get hydrated well, as now there are two lives! During summer, outdoor exercise increases the risk of dehydration, so it’s important to drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise. Coconut water, which lacks sodium but has many other nutrients your body needs to be replaced after a workout, is a great summer drink
  • Avoid high heat and humidity – Make sure that you go for a walk when the weather is cool, maybe in the morning or at evening time. Avoid high heat and humidity as it can give heat stress.
  • Walking and swimming are considered to be the best exercises for an expectant mother! Walking is the best form of exercise as it is recommended at all stages of pregnancy.
  • By the pool – All pregnant mamas, don’t shy away from the pool! It provides great relief from weight gain, swelling, loosening of the joints and from the intense summer heat. It also refreshes and is the only place where an expectant mother can feel weightless.
  • Avoid overexertion – Remember you are a-would be- mother and you can allow yourself some space to relax and be comfortable with yourself!

CLOTHING: Breathable Maternity Clothes!

Breathable Maternity Clothes - BlogBucket
Breathable Maternity Clothes – BlogBucket
  • You are pregnant and look cute with all those maternity outfits! Go for loose, floral and light colored outfits. Loose and cool clothes help your skin breathe better and keep away rashes.
  • Wear appropriate fabrics. Prefer cotton and avoid polyester. Cotton gives relief from heat and humidity in the summer.
  • It’s time to change your wardrobe! Kick out those heals and go for flats!
  • It is a misconception that maternity clothes are boring and unfashionable. The first trimester you may continue wearing the same clothes. During the second trimester, the stage comes where you actually look pregnant. You can try loose shirts, leggings,  skirts and pants with elastic waistbands. During late pregnancy, your belly is revealed. Remember pregnancy is the most beautiful stage of your life and you have to look beautiful with it. Take advantage of that beautiful pregnancy glow and feel like a diva.

Skin and Hair: Get glowing, pamper yourself!

Skin and Hair Get glowing, pamper yourself - BlogBucket
Skin and Hair Get glowing, pamper yourself – BlogBucket
  • Never forget to apply a sunscreen when you go for swimming or in the sun. An expectant mama’s skin becomes more sensitive. So you need to take extra care for it. Also, a good sunscreen with at least SPF 15 prevents a pregnant woman from melasma which is a patchy dark skin discoloration
  • Take frequent naps. As it not only reduces the stress but also keeps your skin glowing.
  • If you feel stretch marks on your skin, don’t worry, they are normal. Avoid scratching. Also to reduce stretch marks, regularly massage your abdomen, thighs, and chest. Use olive oil, Castor oil, Vitamin E oil. Also, Aloe Vera gel helps in removing these unwanted marks. Squeeze out the gel and apply it on the affected area. Make a sugar scrub to remove the stretch marks. Take 1 tablespoon of sugar and mix it with few drops of lemon and a small amount of almond oil. Apply this mixture on your stretch marks. Moreover, after delivery, these stretch marks may fade and not even be noticeable. Consult your doctor before applying any lotion or oils that are available in the market to remove these stretch marks.
  • You may find pimple breakouts and blemishes during pregnancy. It is due to extra hormones in your body causing oil glands to secrete more oil. Stick to natural cleansing.
  • During pregnancy, mothers complain a lot about hair fall. A good hair massage can definitely give relief. Oil at least three to four times a week. You can choose the oils that have ingredients like coconut, almond, castor or olive. Warm the oil and apply it. It will not only relax you but also nourishes your hair.
  • Avoid any chemical treatment on your hair. Hormones during pregnancy can change the texture of your hair. So avoid perms or relaxers. If you feel that your hair has become oily, then change your hairbrush. Switch to Hairbrushes with wood or nylon bristles.
  • Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Make a homemade mask. Mix olive oil with almond oil and gently massage your hair.
  • The curd is the best remedy for hair loss during pregnancy. Curd also makes your hair shinier. Mix curd with honey and apply it as a hair mask.

Summer FOOD: Eat healthy for the healthy baby

Summer Food Eat healthy for the healthy baby - BlogBucket
Summer Food Eat healthy for the healthy baby – BlogBucket
  • The first rule is to keep expectant mother hydrated for a healthy pregnancy. Go for lemon juice and water, coconut water and natural fruit juices.
  • You need more vitamins, proteins and all those nutrients that are required for you and for your baby’s health.
  • Skimmed milk, yogurt and cheese, all these dairy products are high in calcium and protein. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU ARE LACTOSE INTOLERANT.
  • Vegetables and fruits provide minerals, fibers and vitamins. There are some fruits that are a strict no-no for a pregnant woman like papaya and pineapples. Be extra cautious about your food choices. Avoid unwashed raw fruits during pregnancy. Also, medical professionals suggest not having grapes during last trimester because of their heat content. Avoid raisins too. You should also avoid eating fatty and canned foods.
  • If you are a meat lover than stop intake of raw or uncooked meat as it contains listeria bacteria. Choose non-vegetarian homemade food.

These are few tips but always consult your doctor on what to eat and what to avoid. Stay cool this summer and enjoy this beautiful stage of your life to the fullest!

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