Are Your Hair(s) Ready this Winter?

Hair and skin aren’t just for looking pretty – they’re required for specific bodily functions, too. Humans lost fur, a while ago (thankfully), but we still have hair on our head to keep the brain toasty and protected from the occasional bumps. There’s no uncertainty that the onset of cooler temperatures and the fewer hours of sunlight can bring with them bad hair days.

Bad news

Bad news - BlogBucket
Bad news – BlogBucket

Winter season has arrived

Good news

Good news - BlogBucket
Good news – BlogBucket

No matter what, your winter hair woes can be turned into good hair days by both protective and replenishing steps that ought to give your hair a break when the mercury plunges to death.

Goodbye hair dryers

Ideally, it is always good to let your hair dry naturally. Anyhow, if you are using a hair dryer, don’t over-dry your hair, as it will leave it frizzy and damaged.

Wet hair stays home

Wet hair stays home - BlogBucket
Wet hair stays home – BlogBucket

Like Make-up check is mandatory before leaving the house, hair check is equally important. Don’t leave the house with wet hair. The unsympathetic cold weather can freeze the hair at the cuticle and cause it to break.

Crown your crown

Cover your crown to protect your hair from the cold. Make sure to wear a scarf or a hat to lock in the moisture of your tresses and to save it from breakage.


Reminder - BlogBucket
Reminder – BlogBucket

Trim! Regular trims every 8–10 weeks are important to get rid of scorched ends and give curls more bounce.

Grocery store lists

Grocery store lists - BlogBucket
Grocery store lists – BlogBucket

At the grocery store, seal the cart with foods full of healthy monounsaturated fats, such as fish, flax, olive oil, and avocados. Also, load up on vitamin C-rich produce. It can help boost the body’s production of collagen, a protein that maintains skin and other connective tissues.


Drink Water - BlogBucket
Drink Water – BlogBucket

Pick-me-up. It is a moral idea to drink plenty of water during the winters, water can rehydrate scaly skin.

Face the icy season full on; you have got my back gift- wrapped in a blanket.

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