Anti Aging Foods

The edible fountain of youth

We have, throughout the ages, been on a constant hunt for the fountain of youth. We need to look no further than our dining table. Flavonoids and Carotenoids are two potent plant-based antioxidants remove free radicals from your skin and body that cause premature aging. You can add years to your life just by staying active and eating right. These antioxidant-rich food can keep age-related diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes at bay.

Yogurt - BlogBucket

1) Yogurt Loaded with calcium, Yogurt counters osteoporosis. The “good bacteria” probiotics present in the curd help prevent the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria and lessens the occurrence of age-related intestinal illness. Also rich in protein, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B yogurt is a sure shot health agent.

2) Fish A major source of omega-3 fats Fish is known to check cholesterol buildup in arteries and guard against abnormal heart rhythms.

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Olive Oil

3) Olive Oil Made up of monounsaturated fats Olive Oil is directly related to low rates of cancer and heart failure. Olive Oil has potent antioxidants called polyphenols that help prevent age-related ailments. When applied on the skin it protects from UV rays, acts as a moisturizer and even works well on dry skin to keep those fine wrinkles away.

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4) Cucumbers This salad favorite is great for skin. Cucumbers have the highest water content of any food, and the silica present in the peel helps boost collagen and reduce wrinkles.

5) Vitamin C, Blueberries, Cherries, Lemons and Strawberries are a few to mention, which prevent wrinkles and fine line due to vitamin C. Collagen a connecting tissue, acts as a glue to keep skin layers together, as we age the body starts losing collagen and the skin get’s sunken and finally wrinkles. Foods rich in vitamin C create more of collagen to keep the sheets of skin tight.  Compounds in blueberries (and other berries) lessen inflammation and oxidative damage, which is linked to age-related loss of memory and motor function.

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6) Pomegranate seeds are rich in Punic alagin and Ellagic acid–two agents that fight damage from free radicals and protect the collagen in your skin.

7) Guava Packed with vitamin C, Guava boosts collagen to produce smooth skin. Two cups of guava per week are the perfect dose of this anti-aging powerhouse.

8) Tomatoes have lycopene, which prevents heart disease, high cholesterol levels and cancer. Lycopene acts as a natural sunblock and stops the UV damage that causes sunspots, dryness and wrinkles. Remember to cook tomatoes well for a long time on low heat for maximum anti-aging effect.

Chocolate Cocoa - BlogBucket
Chocolate Cocoa

9) Chocolate Cocoa is unusually rich in flavanols that help preserve the healthy function of blood vessels. Keeping youthful blood vessels lowers the risk of kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and dementia. Flavanols are antioxidants which also contain molecules which improve skin oxygenation and keep you looking young.

10) Nuts Munching on Nuts gives our body a rich supply of unsaturated fat. With benefits similar to those of olive oil they also full of vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals, including antioxidants.

11) Fiber Food rich in fiber makes your body go on hunger strike for short periods, so preventing you from gorging on fatty foods and keeping you slim and trim. Oatmeal is high in soluble fiber, which reduces the “bad” LDL cholesterol.

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Red Wine

12) Red Wine A glass for women, two for men a day, may keep those wrinkles out of sight. Resveratrol and polyphenols” both important antioxidants tend to activate enzymes such as sirtuin believed to be involved in DNA repair. As per studies on animals, it has been proven that resveratrol can activate genes which slows the aging process.

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