Android 8.0 – why to upgrade this OS?

In case you are in a dilemma of installing Android 8.0 Oreo on your mobile or not, may its features will help you out. This update brings a polished OS for android, making the operating system faster, more intuitive and longer battery life.

Why android is still considered by users more than iOS?

Android’s greatest strength is its superlative notification system and this latest update will be the further addition to its strengths. You may not see the difference while using this upgrade, but the truth is undeniable as android 8.0 Oreo includes everything required by the Android. There are innovative updates and important features that make the operating system more modular.

Rescue party

Over the years, android has attain more stability, but once in a while users still have the chance of encountering a device reboot loop (bootloop). There are numerous reasons behind this, but Android 8.0 update’s new feature Rescue party is intended to combat bootloops and revoke them dead in their tracks.

The Rescue party allows android device to detect a bootloop as it happens and perform the required actions to get the things right back in working state. If that Rescue Party can’t stop the bootloop, it will drive android gadget into recuperation mode and provoke the client to play out a production line reset.

Background limits on apps that don’t support Android 8.0

Applications like Facebook aggressively run in the background and this is the one constant issue that remained in Android. Almost all the apps run in the background to some extent, but some of them more aggressively run and affect the battery life.

This issue is now resolved by Android 8.0 that comes with a feature “background execution limit”. This feature forces background limits on apps that don’t support Android 8.0. The apps supporting Android 8.0 will have this feature by default.

Navigate to Settings -> Battery -> Select app that you want to limit background activity on.

Better preview thumbnails of recent apps

The present look for recent apps in Lollipop looks exactly same as it does in Nougat. Google officials made a minor change that lets the recent apps page to perform smoother than before.

The new element “Undertaking Snapshot” enables android gadget to rapidly get a screenshot of where client left off in the application. It utilizes the Window Manager to put the screenshot straightforwardly to the illustrations cushion.

This feature eliminated the need of going through an extra step of copying the thumbnail screenshot to show it in the recent app page. This means the result of thumbnail will be of higher quality and will use less memory.

This is a minor change but has polished the Android operating system in order to make the user feel much better when using his device every day.

Google-Mopria partnership yields printing service benefit

Google is associated with Mopria to introduce the latest feature to Android with Oreo update, i.e. default print service. You can discover this administration in your telephone or tablet’s printing settings. This native printing platform allows you to connect your printer to your device automatically without inserting pesky plugins.

Accessibility shortcut

Accessibility features of Android Apps make it easier to access the content on the phone for all types of users. These features have been seen in Android for some time now, but with the help of Android 8.0, accessing these features is easier now.

The latest Accessibility shortcut allows a user to turn on one of Android’s three-built-in services, including switch access, Talkback, and select to speak when they hold down on both volume buttons for 3 seconds.

You can activate this feature by navigating to Settings -> Accessibility -> Accessibility shortcut

Other changes in the update

Emojis Galore – If you spend your whole day on social media, you must be aware of the emojis and using them every day. Android Oreo update brings new emoji set that has more than 60 designs.

Project Treble – This is one of the major changes in Android 8.0. Treble is a modular architecture that will bring faster Android updates from Google to device makers for distinct hardware configurations.

Pixel and Nexus users can use this update in the next few weeks. For other OEMs, Android Oreo update will take more time. Currently, supported devices from brands like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo, and Sony will get the Android Oreo update in coming month’s prior ending of 2017.

Android 8.0 Oreo is not among the biggest visual overhaul, but still there is plenty of new improvements and features across this latest version of the operating system. You need to wait for some more time to try your hands with Google’s latest and greatest!


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