A Guide to your Valentine’s Day This Year

And those who think that four-leaved clovers are lucky, have never played ‘she loves me – she loves me not’.

In case you haven’t traced the subtle hints your lover has been giving you, let me break it down for you. Kissable love dust + Romance= Valentine’s Day!!

Don’t panic, I have covered it all for you.

Let the cupid’s arrow lead you to some romantic idea’s for this valentine.

Invite her to Cliché Dinner

Invite her to Cliché Dinner - BlogBucket
Invite her to Cliché Dinner – BlogBucket

Of course, a lot of restaurants are offering discounts, but it could be a lot different and pocket saver to invite your loved one over to your place, because there couldn’t be anything special than contributing all your efforts to make it memorable; do all that is necessary for a candle-light dinner (And Ahem! Make sure you have wine and roses!).

Shout it out

If you are anyone who always ends up with those three words, Valentine’s Day is one of the days for you. Send her/him flowers at her/his workplace that comes with a shout out that she/he is the one for you.


Elope - BlogBucket
Elope – BlogBucket

Since Valentine’s Day is a weekend this year, how about a ‘GETAWAY’ just the two of you. You could possibly go back to the place where you both have already had memories or find anything new because, Hey! getting out of the daily schedule will get the GOTTA-BE-YOU feeling in your loved one.

Design your stress-free V-Day

V-Day doesn’t always have to be over the top. Even in the happiest and healthiest relation, outside stress and frustration can lead to your loved one wanting a less happening V-Day. Therefore, be proactive and design the timetable – ‘Pizza, massage and wine’. You just need to show him/her that he/she is remembered and loved.

Bouquet wise

Bouquet wise - BlogBucket
Bouquet wise – BlogBucket

Bring out those cute pictures, pick up a cake similar to the one you have had at your anniversary or probably a photo cake, grab a champaign and write it out to him/her. He/She will love the sweet attention to detail!

Take my word though, don’t wait for 14th February, every year. You can show your love to your loved one anytime, every-time, any-day and every day!

And not to forget my single friends out there! If you are anyone like me who finds February 14th to be the Singles Awareness Day. Don’t worry, I have got your back. After all, singlehood can be a sign that you’ve made time for yourself, said “no” to people who weren’t right for you, or ended a relationship that wasn’t working … and that’s something to celebrate!! You can celebrate Maha Shivaratri

Single bells, single bells, single all the way..

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