8 Ways To Pop Your Ears

In this article, we will introduce how to pop your ears. However, to have the best ways to pop ears, you need to understand about tinnitus. Tinnitus is an unpleasant sensation for the person who hears strange sounds in their ears such as wind, whistling, and humming sounds, which may appear in one ear or both ears.

Tinnitus is a symptom found in many diseases, so it is difficult to determine the exact cause. Common causes include earwax, hearing loss, frequently staying in noise area, history of head and neck trauma, ear and nose disease (otitis, sinusitis, sore throat, gastroesophageal reflux disease), using kinds of poison for the ear, stress, VIII nerves tumor, neurological diseases, etc.

Effects of tinnitus to health:

Tinnitus symptoms cause many problems, for example:

  • insomnia
  • concentration loss
  • depression
  • a fretty condition, and so on

In additions, tinnitus diseases can also cause deafness, dizziness, nausea and so on.


The most important thing is to find the cause of the disease promptly and appropriately, especially those who have disproportioned tinnitus between the ears or just feel buzzing in one ear, or continuous tinnitus. Besides meeting doctor, you can cure tinnitus at home easily such as:

  • Regularly exercise that allows blood to reach the head and neck more fully
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, and cheese because these things can make tinnitus worse.
  • Limit salty foods
  • Relax and full rest
  • Avoid noise
  • Control blood pressure

Use other soft sounds to squeeze the buzzing such as listening to pop music, using the fan, especially at bedtime.

How to pop your ears at home

Here are 8 ways to help you fight tinnitus effectively:

  • Chewing gum

When you chew gum, it activates the ear muscles. When you chew gum, you swallow more saliva than usual. This way you can apply on the plane to reduce the tinnitus, and feeling of discomfort. It is how to pop your ears most quickly.

  • Yawning

This is an excellent way to relieve ear pain and pop ears. You can do the following:

Step 1: You tighten your nostrils.

Step 2: Breathe in slowly

Step 3: You use the throat and cheek muscles to push the air up to the back of the nose, as you are trying to press the two fingers to tighten your nostrils, but when doing this method, you should not blow too strongly.

  • Pull ear – another how to pop your ears

Put your right hand over the top of the head, use your thumb, forefinger and middle finger to pull your ear upward, make this 108 times, then changing to the left hand, also pull 108 times. This action, in addition to the tinnitus treatment, is also useful for preventing shoulder inflammation.

Pop ears

How to pop your ears: Use hands to massage the outer ears about 18 times, then using two little fingers to cover the ears, put the rest fingers behind the nape. At the moment, you will listen to boom sounds.

  • Brush head

Use ten fingers to comb from front to back, when brushing to the back, put your palm into your outer ears, move your two hands in both your outer ears to the cheeks. Repeat this act 108 times.

  • Cure Tinnitus with cherries

Cherry is a plant familiar to many people, and it is widely grown in Japan, Korea, and even China. Former Chinese physicians used cherries in the treatment of liver and kidney diseases such as tinnitus, back pain, high blood pressure, dizziness, physiological weakness and soon

Ursolic acid is an active ingredient found in cherries. This acid is an effective antioxidant that protects the ear cells and is a good way to cure tinnitus. However, patients who are pregnant, have diabetes or cancer need to consult a physician before using cherry.

  • Supplement vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant compound that is so familiar to us. Thanks to this antioxidant, vitamin E helps to protect ear cells, improve blood circulation, and is good for people who have hearing problems, especially tinnitus. Vitamin E is found in many types of vegetable oils, cereals, types of grains, kiwi and some fruits …

  • Folk methods in how to pop your ears

For the tinnitus is affected by noise, you use 10 g of Centella, 10 g of mulberry leaves, 12 g of Cassytha filiformis, 16g of sarsaparilla. If you are high blood pressure, add 10 g of bamboo leaves; if you are low blood pressure, you add 6 g of wormwood; for insomnia people, add 8 g of tiger’s claw leaves.

For tinnitus due to fatigue, stress: prepare 16 g of roasted black beans, 16 g of Clerodendron infortunatum; 12g of Polygonum, 12g of Cassytha filiformis, 12g of Tetracera Scandens, 12g of Chinese yam. If you are less sleep, slow heartbeat, you add 12 g of Passiflorae Foetidae, 6g of wormwood. If is little sleep, rapid heartbeat, you add 12 g of Acmella uliginose, 10g of goose grass.

How to use these methods: Put all prepared ingredients into a pot, boil with 3 bowls of water till a half of bowl, drink two times every day.





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