7 Tricks to Prepare the Luggage

7 Tricks to Prepare the Luggage - BlogBucket

We all know that one of the worst things about going on a trip is facing the task of packing. Between knowing what to take, how to take it, what to fit, that you do not leave anything, that you do not reject your suitcase at the airport … There are so many things to consider! To avoid unforeseen problems, we reveal five tricks to make suitcases that will make this process easier. Prepare Your Luggage with These Seven Tips

Plan the Trip Before

Because it is not the same to go on vacation to the beach as to plan a route through mountain villages. It must be clear what the trip will consist of before packing. Plan the activities for each day, check the weather, and look for nearby stores and what types of plugs are used. To do this, check online travel tips.

Make a List

It starts with the main items such as underwear, toilet utensils, electronic accessories, daily clothing and so on until you reach optional items. This exercise will help you to have a perspective on what you want to carry in your luggage, what you need and what is dispensable. And then to make sure you have not left anything behind.

Optimize and Prioritize

Sometimes, we abuse the “by itself” and this makes the zippers of the suitcase or backpack do not close. Check your list and see if everything you’ve put in is really necessary. Choose clothes that weigh little that you can combine and be versatile.

Pack or Roll Your Clothes

The best way to store clothes in your suitcase, without wrinkling or occupying space is with vacuum bags. You can fold them, pack them and keep them neat and orderly. If you cannot pack your clothes, the alternative is to roll it up and thus occupy less space.

Separate Liquids and Check Weight

If you travel with carry-on luggage, remember that any liquid should be in individual containers up to 100ml, and inside a plastic bag. You also have to make sure that the weight of the luggage does not exceed the requirements of the airline. You do not want to get to the airport and do not let your suitcase go by.

Use plastic film to avoid spills

Before placing your toiletries in the suitcase, uncover the shampoo and shower gel bottles, seal the bottlenecks with plastic film and recover them.

This product needed in the kitchen offers an additional layer of defense to prevent the spill of any liquid in your clothes.

Customize your suitcase

This advice is not strictly on how to pack your suitcase, but sometimes it is very difficult to recognize your luggage on the airport strip.

To avoid wearing one that is not yours, tie a fluorescent ribbon or bright color on the handle, or put some stickers or an elastic belt around the suitcase.

You will recognize it a kilometer away and immediately. Ready to start your desired tour!

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