6 Hidden whatsapp tips and tricks you should know

Hey, what’s up guys, in this Post I’m gonna tell you about seven new WhatsApp tricks that you should definitely know these tricks are so cool that these will help you use WhatsApp in a more fun and productive way so let’s get started.

Delete sent messages on WhatsApp

After seven minutes most of you guys know WhatsApp rolled out a feature where you can delete mistakenly sent messages within seven minutes but did you know that what surface increase the time limit.

Delete sent messages on whatsapp - BlogBucket
Delete sent messages on whatsapp – BlogBucket

Yes guys now you can delete mistakenly send WhatsApp messages even after an hour of sending them to be exact one hour eight minutes and 16 seconds to demonstrate this I had this chat here for example as you can see I sent this message at around 12 a.m. and I was 12 56 a.m. so I’m just gonna press on it click on delete I’m just gonna click on delete for everyone and as you can see this message has been deleted and it’s almost an hour this is awesome


How to view lots of status without the other person knowing

There are certain instances when you want to view a certain person’s what sub status but you don’t want them to know that we saw their what sub status it is pretty easy to do that let me show you how just click on this button and then go to whatsapp settings and when you are in whatsapp settings go to account then go to privacy and then go to the bottom and there you can see read receives just turn it off and now when you see the word sub status of that person you’ll be invisible to the uploader.

Whatsapp status privacy
Whatsapp status privacy - BlogBucket
Whatsapp status privacy – BlogBucket

Many people don’t know about this useful WhatsApp trick if you don’t want someone to see your WhatsApp status all you want to share your WhatsApp status with only a select group of people you can do it very easily just click on this button and then go to status privacy and they can see three options who can see your status updates my contacts my contacts except only share width you can use it as you like this is great.

Automatically notify your contacts when you change your number

Just like moving into a new home changing your number can be a hectic tax you got to individually send your new number to each and every contacts every friend every family member and what not whatsapp can help you there if you wanna change your phone number don’t delete your whatsapp account just go to whatsapp settings and then navigate to account then change number and then click on next and then type in your own number and then your new number then again next and there you can see there is an option notify my contacts and when you click on this option you can choose all contacts at share sweets or custom and when you click on doing the process will continue and a message will be sent with your new number to every contact that you choose I like this feature.

Whatsapp storage manager

Did you know what serve has an inbuilt storage manager that you can use to check reach chat is using how much of your device space and in fact clear and your unwanted media like excessive good morning and good night messages means etc from your device if you are running a little low on storage to do that just go to data and storage usage under SWOTs app settings and they can see storage usage just click on it and there you can see which ad is using most of your device space then just select any chat you want now you can just click on manage messages and you can delete any excess thing like photos videos or gifs if you want and then just tap on clear messages button dan wanted stop will be deleted.

Type message with voice

Type message with voice - BlogBucket
Type message with voice – BlogBucket

If you’re not able to type a message at a particular moment or just feeling lazy to reply back you can use your voice to type a message just go to a chat and open your keyboard and there you can see a mic button on most keyboard is present right over there just click on this mic button and start saying your message as you can see this is very easy.


These are the 6 unknown WhatsApp tips and tricks which most of you ppl don’t know this exists on WhatsApp. Please let us know what you think about these WhatsApp tips and tricks. Feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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