5 Reasons ‘ENTOURAGE’ is a Must Watch

5 Reasons ‘ENTOURAGE’ is a Must Watch - BlogBucket

Entourage is one of the most loved television shows and for all the right reasons. It was created by Doug Ellin, and it takes us through the journey of Vincent Chase, and his adventures as a star in Hollywood, backed by his group of loyal friends, Drama, E and Turtle. Here we have rounded up five reasons to watch this amazing series. (By the way, don’t forget to check out our collection of Entourage T-Shirts)

1. The Bromance

Entourage’, as the word suggests, is a show about a close-knit circle of friends who are fiercely supportive of the dreams of the protagonist, Chase. They redefine friendships in ways that have never been done before. Drama, Vincent’s brother and his two best friends, Eric and Turtle set great examples of reliability and will truly give you and your gang new goals of friendship.

2. The Unusual Script

The storyline of Entourage develops with an exciting plot. The script may seem done and over with; a man who makes it big in show business, but the script is extremely humorous with jokes that are not for the weak-hearted. The storyline develops beautifully, with every episode drawing us closer to the characters and their world.

3. The World of Hollywood

Entourage is a show that has given us an up close and personal view of the glamorous world of Hollywood, with all the ups and downs intact. Entourage went on to show us that the enchanting industry is more than just make-up and beauty. The hard work of Vincent Chase and the people by his side gave us an insight into the real lives of the stars.

4. The Humour

Entourage is a show that is packed with dialogues that are absolutely hilarious. There are all kinds of jokes from different characters who deliver them to exactly their target audience. So you can take your pick of laughter from dark humor, the straightforward kind or the ever-popular sarcasm. Entourage has them all!

5. The Cameos

A show revolving around Hollywood just has to have a whole lot of celebrities featuring in it, and Entourage surely does not disappoint in this department. With cameos by Scarlett Johansson, Peter Dinklage, Jessica Alba, Kanye West, James Cameron, Matt Damon, and many other talented celebs, the show ups its glamour quotient with every appearance.

Entourage is a series that will have you hooked from the very beginning, so consider this a wonderful warning of all the entertainment that is about to enter your life!

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