5 Crucial skills that we owe to teach our Kids !!

Our children are first in the history to grow up in a world where internet has become a prime need. Majority of them has learnt to operate an I-Phone before they could even talk. the have never been familiar with typewriters, pagers and VCR’s.

This generation has a lot of potential to excel in things that were not present when we were small. They can invent things that we could have never dream of, fully automated house, Cars etc can only come into existence from their creativity. They had never experienced being lost while going on a trip, with no GPS, mobile phones.

Everything is great with the “Tech Generation” besides the fact that many of them are already in the adulthood lacking the skills required throught the life.

The crucial skills required to be learnt for every kid.

looking though the past if a kid of 19yrs from our grandparent generation would excel at practical skills. but a 19yr kid from the current generation would lack that except he/she would excel at technology.

Having compared from past generation and seeing the present it would be crucial that the kids of current generation should posses the basic skills to lead a care free life.

1. Cooking

From the past we are cooking less than our parents and grandparents used to cook their meals. we are now a days dependent on canteens and food that is available outside our house. the reason for obesity and other health problems is eating out and not cooking at home. All of us are dependent on eating out at least a meal per day.Cooking is an important skill that we can teach our kids, and most of them love that. I spent few months teaching cooking to my kid, and they now willingly help me in it.

there are many online videos to learn cooking. I personally recommend to teach our kids the skill of cooking.

2. Budgeting

Recently I watched a movie in which a girl was shopaholic, spending dollars on shopping and was in debt but still shopping. the main reason for her habit was addiction to shop, and not able to judge her own needs and the extravagant purchases that she did.

many of people now dont have an idea of their monthly expenses. 38% in US are in debt of credit cards, with an average of INR 322,799.

Teaching our kids the basics of expenses and tracking them should be done. the should have a clear picture of what and when to buy and not to overspend on any purchase. there are programs like mint which can make the process much easier in learning the basics of finances and managing them.

3. Self Defense

Many of children and young adults are a victim of assault or abuse each year. the age of 12-35 is going though the rough time. its a shame on us that we live in would where we need to teach our kids how to defend themselves, but it is necessity.as they might need to use that in a real life situation. there are many reasons for learning self defense:

– Learning self control and discipline.

– Gaining confidence

– improving health, reflexes and balance.

4. Hygiene

Seeing the kids living in hostels, we can say that most of them have never learnt the basics of hygiene and cleanliness. we should have the habit of cleanliness for the area in which we are living. teaching them the basics of cleanliness and maintaining the consistency is a great way to keep their living areas clean.

5. Deep Thinking

One of the most difficult skill to be learnt by our kids. kids nowadays are just concluded to decisions from the vast available content on the internet and don’t try to get involved in finding a solution or rather think on the problem. they should have the capability to question any information even from a trusted source and not just accepting it rather. they should know how to think and not just arrive on any solution influenced from any source.

There are many skills which I may have left out that the generation is missing,which are crucial and considered essential to lead a smooth life, but I think these 5 are good for a start.

 Kindly let me know about your thoughts !!

What other skills are crucial to teach our kids?


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Source : Wellnessmama

  1. This post enlightens me because its so evident and true.
    These 5 skills the most important ones that we need to have in consideration.

    Keep up with the good work.

  2. I totally love this post gush!!! We really need to inculcate these into children of this jet age. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This post is actually so relevant. I learnt none of the above from parents in fact I had to learn them all the hard way by getting bitten in the arse and figuring out what to do next by myself!

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