3 Tips To Create A Dynamic And Healthy Work-Space

3 Tips To Create A Dynamic And Healthy Work-Space - BlogBucket

People of every age agree on the fact that human bodies are designed to move. Earlier when agrarian era prevailed, people used to travel from one store to another for business and other purposes. At that time, the movement was not a part of life but the movement was life and this forms one of the reasons for higher life expectancy back then.

Industrial era then introduced sitting jobs and the scene got worse when computers and other smart devices were invented. Nowadays, people are required to sit at one place and work for long periods. This sedentary lifestyle has made us more prone to chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulder.

Providing employees with a conducive environment to stand and move around, can reverse all the negative effects of sitting. Many entrepreneurs are nowadays implementing the idea of dividing the office time into effective divisions. One section is named “We section” where employees can interact and discuss some crucial matters. Another is the “Me Section” where employees can stretch their legs, unwind themselves for 10-15 minutes and can resume work after getting recharged. This new type of construction promotes workers’ enthusiasm and wellness of body and mind.

Revamp The Standard Procedures To Include Movement

Considering the negative health effects of sitting, people should try to induce movement in their workplaces. Modifications in manufacturing line are also made so that employees have to move about at short intervals.

Nowadays, standing tables are arranged for short meetings or conferences. Apart from pain in different parts of the body, sitting has many other negative impacts such as weakening of the abdominal muscles, leg and gluteal muscles. Even the metabolism rate is lowered to one third.

Instead of forcing employees through a sitting marathon, environment and furniture should be arranged in such a manner that the workforce can make smooth transitions between sitting and standing in order to get the tasks completed. Owners are now getting height adjustable desks installed in their facilities to let the employees sit and stand whenever they want. Generally, folding metal table legs are used to offer the feature of adjustable height to ensure that desks remain intact for a long period of time.

Adjusting Interiors To Incorporate Ergonomic Furniture

Another prime reason for a health problem is office designs with the “one size fits all” concept. Similar furniture for people of different heights induces back pain and strains our eyes. According to a recent survey, back problems result in long absence from work, 22 days on an average.

To solve this issue, employers can get adjustable chairs that offer appropriate lumbar support and promote proper posture. When buying office furniture, be careful with the armrest. Select only those combination of desk and chair where the arms, as well as the legs, form a right angle. Get your furniture customised in such a way that employees of all heights are able to put their legs on the ground and able to rest their arms on the table without slouching.

Make Your Employees Move

Getting the best chair wouldn’t be able to offer a wide range of health benefits if your workforce is sitting in the same place for a long period of time. Look out for furniture that allows your staff to move or alternate the posture on a frequent basis. Dynamic sitting or changing the posture on a regular basis supply intervertebral discs with sufficient nutrients as well as improves metabolism, blood circulation and breathing.
If your manufacturing line is such that employees are required to move heavy tables or benches frequently, then get metal table legs with casters. Stylish casters uplift the overall look of the tables as well as increase their functionality.

These are just a few tips that help you give an ergonomic spin to your office and create an environment where employees are motivated to put in more efforts. There are many other products that you can install in your office that will boost productivity.

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